Finding an RDBA That Works On All Your Platforms

Finding the right tool to monitor one database could sometimes be tough enough — but what about finding a tool to monitor multiple databases on different platforms and systems? Look no further than Cerberus, SATS Technology’s ever-improving remote database monitoring system. Cerberus supports Amazon Web Services, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL and more. Looking at industry trends, listening to client feedback, and keeping up with new technology means that Cerberus gets constant updates to give clients the ultimate rDBA experience.

Cerberus, the company’s database monitoring suite, has seen a lot of upgrades to support all available database systems. First, the SATS team expand its support and compatibility to the database service PostrgreSQL. Now Cerberus provides seamless and full support for Postgres clusters build in primary/standby or master/master configurations. In addition to WAL replication, over 60 other checkpoints specific to Postgres is monitored in real-time.

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ICOBox Opens a Token Store For Everyone

ICOBox, the leading provider of SaaS ICO solutions, has expanded its reach into the blockchain sector by opening one of the first discount token stores. The Token Store is an intuitive and seamless experience for both buyers and sellers. Now ICO projects can list their tokens on the store with a 30%-75% discount, and buyers can easily to invest in exciting and innovative projects.

“ICOBox is dedicated to creating a fast-paced marketplace that makes high-quality tokens readily available for purchase,” says Co-Founder Dana Generalova. ICO projects that want to sell through the Token Store are reviewed by a team, who look closely at each project’s finances. Buyers can feel comfortable knowing that all tokens in the store are first-class and come from companies that have excellent financial records.

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Press Release: MySQL, MariaDB Support Expanded in New Cerberus Update

SATS Technologies unveiled a new update to their monitoring software Cerberus™ as the company expands its support and compatibility to database management system MySQL and MariaDB.

Due to Oracle’s current ownership of MySQL, MariaDB has become the database engine of choice for many enterprises. With the new upgrade release of Cerberus Monitoring System, SATS now provides enhanced monitoring for MariaDB 10.x and MySQL versions 5.6. The fully redesigned Cerberus monitoring agent supports the TokuDB engine compression and multi-node/across zone replications. This allows Cerberus to pick up on slow speeds in MySQL replication before the problem develops.

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Press Release: Cerberus Enhances MemSQL Support with New Features

SATS Technologies announced an update to its MemSQL support, making it easier to manage MemSQL database clusters through Cerberus™.

MemSQL is a highly scalable, real-time database system that implements columnar search within Big Data. Due to high demand among IT professionals and end-users, SATS improved their Cerberus port for MemSQL with new features. Cerberus can now proactively address over 40 different critical areas, as well as monitor load and performance of inter-cluster communication in response to SQL statements.

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10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Internet Browsing

I spend a lot of time on the internet, and I’ve become a de facto expert on getting the most out of my experience. I have accumulated some tips to improve your internet surfing; however, these tips are Chrome-exclusive and may not be compatible with other browsers.

1. More and more sites are opting to lock their website unless you turn off Adblock. For better or for worse, there are ways to go around the layover.

First, you can just block all scripts from running on a page. This is the easiest solution, but it comes with a caveat. Blocking JavaScript means that most sites will either look broken or simply not load unless you manually allow the site to run JavaScript (seen as a button on the right of your URL box) and refresh. You can, of course, manage exceptions. I prefer this method because blocking scripts means faster load times, improved privacy, and streamlined content without the frills.


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Press Release: SATS Announces Improved Microsoft SQL Server Support

SAN MATEO, CA – SATS Technologies has unveiled a new upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server rDBA service within a new version of its database monitoring suite Cerberus™ today. Now, clients can better monitor their virtual database servers, hosted in cloud environments, such as Amazon or OpenStack.

SQL Server is the most widespread database engine, though running it on cloud brings its own challenges. SATS developed a new version of its flagship database monitoring technology, Cerberus specifically targeting the cloud implementations of SQL Server database, from simple scalable standalone database instances up to complex SQL Server multi-node database clusters. Cerberus technology covers monitoring of cloud instances with proposed optimization for the usage, based on gathered statistics. With Cerberus, a business can have top database performance without worrying about cost. Cerberus provides near a real-time monitoring of over 80 various vital parameters of any typical SQL Server production implementations.

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White Paper: Why Consider rDBA Services?

In today’s digital world it is critical to maintain high-quality databases. Companies have several options in how to manage their databases: hire an internal Database Administrator (DBA), choose to operate entirely on cloud, or hire an external Remote Database Administration (rDBA) specialist.

In-House Specialist
An internal team member has the benefit of being familiar with your business goals. This allows them to easily align their work on the database to management’s objective. However, in-house employees are expensive, especially if you include benefits, overtime, and taxes. The DBA works in an internal and rarely changing environment of a single company, which can cause your technology to stagnate. Leaving their job disrupts business continuity, as the replacement has to spend substantial time learning the intricacies of the database. A DBA’s availability outside work hours might be inconsistent. If the database goes down, they might not be able resolve the problem immediately due to being unavailable or overextended. By the time the issue is resolved, the database could have been down long enough to impact the company’s business or credibility. For many companies, the liability of in-house DBAs is far too great at too large a cost.

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From My Portfolio: A Case Study

When I worked at SF Media Co as an Online Assistant Editor, I had the incredible job of managing every asset that was online. Social media? Check. Managing online ads through DFP? Check. Email Marketing? Now, that’s a good story.

I drafted a few improvements in appearance for the Music Newsletter
I drafted a few formatting improvements for the Music Newsletter

SF Media Co was made up of three papers: SF Examiner, a daily newspaper, SF Weekly, an alt-weekly, and SF Evergreen, a monthly marijuana-themed publication. Each had a number of newsletters: Examiner had 3, Evergreen had 1 and SF Weekly had a whopping 10 newsletters across 7 email lists. When SF Weekly changed its logo, I was tasked with switching out the newsletter banners to ones with an updated logo. I took it a step further: I was going to bring them into the modern age of email marketing.

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How Does Video Game Art Get Made?

Creating art for video games is a rewarding experience, but equally strenuous. Most gamers know how much work goes into the engineering of game engines and mechanics, but just as many hours and just as many people are required for the creation and curation of video game art.

Concept art vs. reality for Sine Mora (source)

Most consumers draw a blank over what happens to video game art between early concepts and the final product. In most studios, the art department always falls behind schedule, requiring outside assistance in order to make deadlines. That’s where video game art outsourcers come in – to aid studios in the creation of assets, illustrations, and promotional images. The two studio representatives sit down together to discuss the overall look and feel of the game and what kind of art style the artists will have to emulate. Sometimes, the studio would provide a rough asset in need of refinement; other times, the outsourcers have to create the art style. This is typically common in smaller projects, such as mobile and social games.

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Navigating the Chinese Mobile Game Market

The Chinese mobile game market has been evolving and growing exponentially, becoming the fastest growing market in the world. The Chinese mobile game industry is currently worth approximately $2.9B, second only to the USA at $3.2B. By 2015, the Chinese market is expected to exceed the worth of $3B. With a huge population on mobile phones interested in gaming, China seems like a logical next step for many games, but the market is a siren: it looks enticing, hiding the cacophony of roadblocks behind the allure of reach. The truth is, mobile games success in China requires heavy engagement at every step of the value chain. Many studios struggle to cater to Chinese gamers, not only because of cultural differences in gaming preferences, but also because a fragmented enough Android market that makes full market penetration difficult.

Over the past year, China’s mobile game market grew a staggering 280%, casting a shadow over the US’ growth rate of 81%. The growth spurt is no surprise – China has 600 million smartphone users, with 92% of all people aged 18 to 30 using them. Tencent, China’s largest internet company, launched a game center across their popular social platforms WeChat and QQ, gaining 570m users in 3 months. In an ecosystem that has such high mobile phone usage and the longest average commute times (Beijing being the worst offender at 97 minutes average), it makes sense that many consumers will turn to mobile gaming to pass the time. Nowadays, Chinese gamers spend an average of 32 minutes daily playing games. According to TalkingData, a Chinese data analysis firm, 15% of all Chinese mobile gamers spend more than 2 hours on games daily, and 48% spend half an hour to two hours.  But what to do with such a large user base? What kind of game would interest the largest chunk of such a huge demographic?

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