How Does Video Game Art Get Made?

Creating art for video games is a rewarding experience, but equally strenuous. Most gamers know how much work goes into the engineering of game engines and mechanics, but just as many hours and just as many people are required for the creation and curation of video game art.

Concept art vs. reality for Sine Mora (source)

Most consumers draw a blank over what happens to video game art between early concepts and the final product. In most studios, the art department always falls behind schedule, requiring outside assistance in order to make deadlines. That’s where video game art outsourcers come in – to aid studios in the creation of assets, illustrations, and promotional images. The two studio representatives sit down together to discuss the overall look and feel of the game and what kind of art style the artists will have to emulate. Sometimes, the studio would provide a rough asset in need of refinement; other times, the outsourcers have to create the art style. This is typically common in smaller projects, such as mobile and social games.

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