Press Release: Cerberus Enhances MemSQL Support with New Features

SATS Technologies announced an update to its MemSQL support, making it easier to manage MemSQL database clusters through Cerberus™.

MemSQL is a highly scalable, real-time database system that implements columnar search within Big Data. Due to high demand among IT professionals and end-users, SATS improved their Cerberus port for MemSQL with new features. Cerberus can now proactively address over 40 different critical areas, as well as monitor load and performance of inter-cluster communication in response to SQL statements.

Cerberus is an intelligent enterprise-wide monitoring solution for database back-end environments. It acts as a single point of control for all DBA technologies, optimizing performance, maximizing uptime, delivering secure and proactive monitoring and assisting database administrators with customized performance reports.

SATS Technologies has been working for private and public Remote DBA sector since 1994 and is the only vendor that works with all back-end technologies simultaneously. To find out more about the company, visit

As seen on the SATS News page


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