From My Portfolio: A Case Study

When I worked at SF Media Co as an Online Assistant Editor, I had the incredible¬†job of managing every asset that was online. Social media? Check. Managing online ads through DFP? Check. Email Marketing? Now, that’s a good story.

I drafted a few improvements in appearance for the Music Newsletter
I drafted a few formatting improvements for the Music Newsletter

SF Media Co was made up of three papers: SF Examiner, a daily newspaper, SF Weekly, an alt-weekly, and SF Evergreen, a monthly marijuana-themed publication. Each had a number of newsletters: Examiner had 3, Evergreen had 1 and SF Weekly had a whopping 10 newsletters across 7 email lists. When SF Weekly changed its logo, I was tasked with switching out the newsletter banners to ones with an updated logo. I took it a step further: I was going to bring them into the modern age of email marketing.

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