White Paper: Why Consider rDBA Services?

In today’s digital world it is critical to maintain high-quality databases. Companies have several options in how to manage their databases: hire an internal Database Administrator (DBA), choose to operate entirely on cloud, or hire an external Remote Database Administration (rDBA) specialist.

In-House Specialist
An internal team member has the benefit of being familiar with your business goals. This allows them to easily align their work on the database to management’s objective. However, in-house employees are expensive, especially if you include benefits, overtime, and taxes. The DBA works in an internal and rarely changing environment of a single company, which can cause your technology to stagnate. Leaving their job disrupts business continuity, as the replacement has to spend substantial time learning the intricacies of the database. A DBA’s availability outside work hours might be inconsistent. If the database goes down, they might not be able resolve the problem immediately due to being unavailable or overextended. By the time the issue is resolved, the database could have been down long enough to impact the company’s business or credibility. For many companies, the liability of in-house DBAs is far too great at too large a cost.

The same could be said for a lone contractor, even though they are usually extremely cheap options. If one person is involved in monitoring your database, you are at risk of delayed emergency response and inexperience with your database service.

Some companies like to leave their monitoring to the cloud. Services such as Amazon RDS and Openstack provide an entire database platform. However, unique functions in your database cannot always be executed due to the basic nature of cloud services. If your database does not require specific scripts, cloud looks like a good option: there is high security, seamless scalability and automation capabilities of certain tasks. On the other hand, cloud is expensive and prone to outages. Unless your company has a good risk mitigation system in place across multiple servers and providers, cloud services may not be a good solution to mission-critical databases.

Remote Database Administration
Most companies turn to Remote Database Administration (rDBA), as it is pragmatic and cost-efficient: fixed prices for DBA services makes budgets predictable and can help save up to 70% in administration costs. Senior staff in an rDBA firm has extensive knowledge and experience in troubleshooting and provide quick fixes. Such companies usually provide 24×7 support and ensure consistent uptime and capacity coverage. An rDBA has more up to date practice and wider experience working with multiple environments. If your company utilizes multiple technologies, you may not always find a vendor that covers all or even most of them. Fortunately, there is one vendor that can.

SATS has been working for private and public sector since 1994 and is the only vendor that covers all back-end technologies. No other rDBA company can provide the services we do.

Our rDBA service can deliver the broad scope of technological coverage because its foundation is SATS’ own monitoring technology, Cerberus. The technology was initially built by a DBA and is so far the only technology built specifically for rDBA use. Cerberus is constantly evolving as our developers quickly implement new features based on daily feedback from field DBAs. On average, Cerberus has a new sub-release every 3 months and major version or product add-on support once a year. This smart business-oriented back-end monitoring technology allows our rDBA service to cover an impressive list of databases, big data, and IT systems. Having a single point of coverage is vital to rapidly resolving bottlenecks in data flows and technology performance of your business back-end. More information can be found here.

Our Database Administrators
No matter how good the tools are, if they are in the hands or the wrong people, your service will suffer. SATS specialists are industry professionals with years of experience and deep understanding of IT needs, practices and behaviors. Each of our DBAs has experience as a former developer or system administrator and has knowledge of more than one database engine from inside-out. Our professional team can work remotely or on-site, and is available 24×7 to resolve any issues. Our DBAs work as a part of your team to deliver top performance to your company’s unique  environment. They can address all your database concerns with solutions, such as custom application script implementation, database installation, data migration, capacity planning and monitoring, space allocation, fixing critical database problems and planning and implementing database backup strategy, among others. We are constantly monitoring your database for potential issues and implement preventative procedures. Your company receives real time daily, weekly and emergency web-based reports, as well as suggested upgrades, fixes and patches.

To find out more visit SATS.net or read the white paper here.


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