Press Release: SATS Announces Improved Microsoft SQL Server Support

SAN MATEO, CA – SATS Technologies has unveiled a new upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server rDBA service within a new version of its database monitoring suite Cerberus™ today. Now, clients can better monitor their virtual database servers, hosted in cloud environments, such as Amazon or OpenStack.

SQL Server is the most widespread database engine, though running it on cloud brings its own challenges. SATS developed a new version of its flagship database monitoring technology, Cerberus specifically targeting the cloud implementations of SQL Server database, from simple scalable standalone database instances up to complex SQL Server multi-node database clusters. Cerberus technology covers monitoring of cloud instances with proposed optimization for the usage, based on gathered statistics. With Cerberus, a business can have top database performance without worrying about cost. Cerberus provides near a real-time monitoring of over 80 various vital parameters of any typical SQL Server production implementations.

Additionally, Cerberus is updated with improved security, performance enhancement and a better advanced notification system, which is a customizable escalation notification which alerts the database administration team of current and potential latent problems. Cerberus utilizes both current and historical data collected on the database and provides DBAs with regular and emergency notifications. The notifications are based on statistical analysis and accurate data to signal latent problems before they develop.

Cerberus is an intelligent enterprise-wide monitoring solution for database back-end environments. It acts as a singular point of control for various back-end technologies and optimizes performance, maximizes uptime, delivers secure and proactive monitoring and assisting database administrators with customized performance reports.

SATS Technologies has been working for private and public Remote DBA sector since 1994 and is the only vendor that works with all back-end technologies simultaneously. To find out more about the company, visit

As seen on the SATS News page


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