Press Release: MySQL, MariaDB Support Expanded in New Cerberus Update

SATS Technologies unveiled a new update to their monitoring software Cerberus™ as the company expands its support and compatibility to database management system MySQL and MariaDB.

Due to Oracle’s current ownership of MySQL, MariaDB has become the database engine of choice for many enterprises. With the new upgrade release of Cerberus Monitoring System, SATS now provides enhanced monitoring for MariaDB 10.x and MySQL versions 5.6. The fully redesigned Cerberus monitoring agent supports the TokuDB engine compression and multi-node/across zone replications. This allows Cerberus to pick up on slow speeds in MySQL replication before the problem develops.

Cerberus is specifically tuned to work under conditions of AWS cloud, and can allow cost optimizations by advising clients on the real load utilization of each database node. For a more detailed look on MySQL and MariaDB-specific features, go here.

About Cerberus:
Cerberus is an intelligent enterprise-wide monitoring solution for database back-end environments. Acting as a single point of control for all DBA technologies, Cerberus optimizes performance, maximizes uptime, delivers secure and proactive monitoring and assists database administrators with customized regular performance reports.

About SATS Technologies:
We are IT and IS experts with the core competency in database administration and management, particularly in Oracle DBA and SQL Server technologies. SATS has been working for private and public sector since 1994. SATS offer the entire spectrum of DBA services, from database design and application development to managed maintenance and support services. SATS’ team of professionals is always available 24×7 for all your database needs. To find out more about the company, visit

As seen on the SATS News page


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