Press Release: Cerberus Enhances MemSQL Support with New Features

SATS Technologies announced an update to its MemSQL support, making it easier to manage MemSQL database clusters through Cerberus™.

MemSQL is a highly scalable, real-time database system that implements columnar search within Big Data. Due to high demand among IT professionals and end-users, SATS improved their Cerberus port for MemSQL with new features. Cerberus can now proactively address over 40 different critical areas, as well as monitor load and performance of inter-cluster communication in response to SQL statements.

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10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Internet Browsing

I spend a lot of time on the internet, and I’ve become a de facto expert on getting the most out of my experience. I have accumulated some tips to improve your internet surfing; however, these tips are Chrome-exclusive and may not be compatible with other browsers.

1. More and more sites are opting to lock their website unless you turn off Adblock. For better or for worse, there are ways to go around the layover.

First, you can just block all scripts from running on a page. This is the easiest solution, but it comes with a caveat. Blocking JavaScript means that most sites will either look broken or simply not load unless you manually allow the site to run JavaScript (seen as a button on the right of your URL box) and refresh. You can, of course, manage exceptions. I prefer this method because blocking scripts means faster load times, improved privacy, and streamlined content without the frills.


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